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Jul 29, 2021

In the age of technology, there has been a big shift from how we used to interact and the amount of face-to-face exchanges as opposed to how teens interact in the modern era. There is a significant amount of communication happening over text, messaging apps, social networks etc online. 

With that comes concerns over their understanding and command of in-person exchanges.  Simply, are Gen Z and generations coming after them, losing their skills on how to communicate in ‘real life’ as opposed to the ‘virtual space’? Are we fighting the inevitable- clinging to the old world, when we should be embracing the new ? Or,  do we need to ensure our children learn how to be more present, aware of what their body language is telling others and how looking for cues in others is a huge part of building relationships? 

To help us we have Barbara Pease Joining us. Barbara is the most successful relationship author in the business and expert when it comes to body language. She has written with her partner Allan, 18 bestsellers – including 10 number ones – and travelled the world extensively giving seminars in 70 countries. 

Barbara Pease:

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