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The PakMag Parents Podcast

Laugh til you cry.
Cry til you laugh.
That’s parenting, and that’s the PakMag Parents' Podcast!
We at PakMag want to go on the parenting journey with you. And we're  
bringing the experts along for the ride. Get the answers to those  
questions we've all asked ourselves a million times and lets make this  
whole parenting gig a bit smoother.
Join us every week as we speak to a parenting expert, discover the  
latest in parenting products, apps and trends and attempt to make  
sense of this weird, wacky and wonderful world of parenting.
Our host Bree James is a proud mum to two boys and five fur babies,  
and the Founder of PakMag, a parenting magazine for families that has  
printed over 3 million copies in the past 12 years.
Whether you're searching for some comic relief or a few helpful tips  
on bringing up your kids, we want to laugh and learn with you. Get  
your weekly dose of hints, tips and giggles and don't forget to tell  
everyone, you heard it on PakMag.

Apr 27, 2020

Helicopter parenting is a term we’ve all heard of and are all familiar with, however it’s quite hard to define this type of parenting especially when everywhere you read about it has a negative connotation towards it. But is being a helicopter parent really such a bad thing?

In today's episode we are chatting to the...

Apr 20, 2020

In a world where there seems to be an often negative divide between masculinity and feminity, in recent years there has been increased conversation about the language we use around our children. Gender stereotyping has been present in our society for many years, and while we’ve gotten better with it, we...