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The PakMag Parents Podcast

Laugh til you cry.
Cry til you laugh.
That’s parenting, and that’s the PakMag Parents' Podcast!
We at PakMag want to go on the parenting journey with you. And we're  
bringing the experts along for the ride. Get the answers to those  
questions we've all asked ourselves a million times and lets make this  
whole parenting gig a bit smoother.
Join us every week as we speak to a parenting expert, discover the  
latest in parenting products, apps and trends and attempt to make  
sense of this weird, wacky and wonderful world of parenting.
Our host Bree James is a proud mum to two boys and five fur babies,  
and the Founder of PakMag, a parenting magazine for families that has  
printed over 3 million copies in the past 12 years.
Whether you're searching for some comic relief or a few helpful tips  
on bringing up your kids, we want to laugh and learn with you. Get  
your weekly dose of hints, tips and giggles and don't forget to tell  
everyone, you heard it on PakMag.

Oct 31, 2019

We’ve all felt it at times. Your heart starts to beat fast, your palms get sweaty and you feel restless. It’s called anxiety, and can be brought up by new situations and challenging tasks, especially in children. Some level of anxiety is a normal part of life and growing up – but when does it become a...

Oct 24, 2019

Do your children fight with each other, or with their cousins or friends? Does it break your heart or even make you mad? With the right support, sibling rivalry provides your children with the opportunity to learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and to build loving relationships with family members.

In today's...

Oct 17, 2019

Bullying - it happens every day in schools and is the cause of many tears, angry outbursts and conflict. When our child returns home from school and explains that someone is bullying them, it’s easy to assume negative things about their 'bully'. But did you know bullying is often confused with poor behaviour?


Oct 10, 2019

Did you know that in 2016, Australian households spent over $600 billion on general living costs? This made the average living cost per family $1,425 a week. 

In today's episode we chat to one of Australia's most respected Stock Market Analyst. Dale Gillham shares his tips for parents in financial trouble and busts some...

Oct 3, 2019

Today's episode is all about STEM. And no, we don't mean the "stem" of a flower, we're talking about the wonderful subject of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths! If your little one is in school then there's a high chance you'll be familiar with this term - but just how important is it?

We speak to the one and...